"Only the Shadows tell the Truth"

"In a world of shadow and light you control the sun"

WASD - Walk

Left/Right Mouse Button - Rotate Sun Left/Right

Left Shift - Rotates faster

Space - Jump


Sound file by vkproduction from freesound.org


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Windows.zip 17 MB


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I'm looking forward to a full version of this, because I think the puzzle design has some great potential! The art style is stunning, I enjoyed how the tree structures looked like in the pure black and white setting. :) Fingers crossed for the further development of this sweet jam gem. <3 I hope I've been able to drive more players to you by our recommendation article as well as the gameplay video. ;>

Best wishes,

Thanks a lot! And also thanks for the article! :)


You're very welcome and I'm looking forward to the full release in the future, if it may come. :)


This was a pretty fun game I enjoyed the unique use of shadows.

Thanks a lot for playing! :D

Interesting mechanic, using lights and shadows to show the path, really enjoyed my time walking around and solving puzzles, a very good game you made!

Also I have a video of me playing:

if you want to check, best of luck for your future projects, I'd be interested in your next games as well, cheers!


super laggy.

Only one out of ten times does it respond to moving the mouse

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Thanks for commenting! 

Did you try the Windows or the Web version (if you used the web version which browser)? 

What are your PC specs?

Was the framerate low or did it look like an input problem?

If it seemed like an input problem and you played in Chrome, would you mind trying it in Firefox? I know of an input bug in Chrome which I managed to somewhat "fix" but maybe not for everyone.

originally tried it on Chrome on my work-mac

on firefox 56 (last true firefox IMHO) on my home-pc (win 7) it runs like a train

Thanks for testing! What does the expression "runs like a train mean"? That it was fast? Was it playable?

it means it runs smoothly

Thanks a lot!

good game